The Center for an Active Life in Jerusalem

The Project
The project will construct a center for active life in the community and a training apartment in the center of Jerusalem for 60 young people with severe disabilities. Additionally, the building will house the organization's main offices and a staff training center. The building's facilities will be used effectively and economically throughout the day. During the day, the center will provide a rehabilitative framework for young people over 21 with severe disabilities. During the evening, it will function as an training center for independent life in the community, including sleeping over, training families, and varied community activity.
Tsad Kadima is working together with the residents of the neighborhood and the community administration to plan joint social programs and encounters.

The Need
The center will provide an immediate and urgent response for Jerusalem residents and its environs with a pressing need for a framework in the community that will enable them to cope with life as adults with disabilities.

In light of the many years of successful cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and the organization's proven professionalism, the Municipality has provided land for Tsad Kadima to step up and provide a solution, given the lack of services for this group. Construction of the building for the day center, the training apartment, and the organization's offices will save the organization NIS 500,000 in annual rent. This amount can then be used for additional direct services.

Providing a solution that residents of the city with severe disabilities need. Developing a community center with an emphasis on active partnership in the community.

Accepting additional participants who currently have no solution because there is no place for them. Saving what the organization currently pays for rent, and thereby increasing the extent of the services provided to participants.Carrying out joint projects with the community.

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About the Organization
"The Tsad Kadima Center is the reason why I get up each morning to cope with myself and my disability. In any other situation, I would end up staying in bed all day, every day." (Sara, 25, born with cerebral palsy)

Tsad Kadima is a prizewinning organization that provides services to 800 families and children of all ages in four centers around Israel. Tsad Kadima was founded 34 years ago by parents of children with disabilities and professionals, in order to bring an educational-rehabilitative approach to their children, as an alternative to the medical approach prevailing in Israel. Our Vision
Tsad Kadima aspires to be the leading professional organization in Israel operating according to the principles of conductive education. In cooperation with families, it offers a continuity of educational-rehabilitative services for people with physical disabilities in various life environments. Its services are spread around Israel and over all ages, from childhood to old age. Our Goal
The purpose of Tsad Kadima is the instruction, learning and education of children, teenagers, and adults with cerebral palsy and severe disabilities through conductive education. It builds their trust, their confidence in themselves, and their ability to learn, develop, and become autonomous people living active, vital, and interesting lives in the community, with the freedom to make their own decisions about their lives. Our Values
Partnership with the family is an important value in Tsad Kadima's activity. The organization fos ters active involvement of its members; creating optimal environments for learning and development; integration in the community; a positive, committed approach to quality, excellence, and innovation; human dignity; transparency; and morality. The Organization's Activity
Tsad Kadima operates lifelong frameworks all over Israel from Eilat on Israel's southern border, Beer Sheva, Rishon Lezion, and Jerusalem.
Formal Education:
Rehabilitative day dormitories
Special education kindergartens
A school for children with
severe disabilities
Informal Education:
Day centers for young people over 21 with disabilities
Training apartments for independent living in the community
Social clubs
Summer camps
Training and advanced programs for special education teachers

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