Our Vision:

Tsad Kadima aspires to be the leading professional organization of Conductive Education (the Peto approach) in Israel, offering educational-rehabilitative services to children and adults with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities and their families, throughout their lifetime.

Tsad Kadima aspires to be an expert in Conductive Education, an approach whose effectiveness and excellence as an educational-rehabilitative system is recognized worldwide, to train conductors (teachers specializing in the approach) and to be a center of knowledge, research and advancement in the field.


Our Mission:

Tsad Kadima’s mission is to teach and educate children, adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy and development disabilities, through Conductive Education, while instilling in them the belief in themselves, in their ability to learn, to develop and to become autonomous people, leading an active, full and meaningful lifestyle, with the freedom to make their own choices.


Our Values:

Tsad Kadima’s values constitute the foundation of its operation: a partnership with the family as a central value in its operation, alongside the active involvement of its clients; creating optimal environments for learning and development; advancing the integration into the community; positive attitude; commitment to quality and excellence; commitment to revitalization and being up to date; maintaining human dignity; transparency and morality.