Therapeutic Swimming Pool – Rishon LeZion Center

בריכה טיפולית במרכז חינוכי-שיקומי צעד קדימה ראשון לציון

The therapeutic swimming pool at our facility in Rishon LeZion was built in 2002 as a joint venture between Tsad Kadima, the Municipality of Rishon LeZion, and the National Insurance Institute, in order to allow children with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities to receive hydrotherapy as part of their rehabilitative program. The specially designed pool affords swimming under optimal conditions, as we maintain a fixed water temperature of 33°C.  Swimming and floating in the pool relaxes the body and muscle tone and gives the children the opportunity to further enhance their range of motion while having fun. Therapeutic swimming also allows the children to practice their functional independence skills such as mobility, getting undressed and dressed, showering, and using a towel.

Therapeutic swimming is a well-documented therapeutic activity for children with motor difficulties, because it effectively reduces the level of body weight that the child needs to maneuver.  By offering swimming therapy to the children, we hope to encourage them to expand their range of mobility, and learn to enjoy activities that help them progress. The children partake in therapeutic swimming once a week on a regular basis throughout the school year. The success of participation in therapeutic swimming for children with cerebral palsy is evident in improvements in the child’s level of functional independence, as documented by their therapists and the Conductor responsible for their treatment plan.

Tsad Kadima fully subsidizes the cost of the pool so that parents are not required to pay. The yearly expense for the operation of the pool is $90,000. This includes water, electricity, gas-heating, professional staff, lifeguard, insurance, cleaning and repairs. The pool receives the sum of $10,000 from the Ministry of Education. All other expenses are covered from donations.