Tsad Kadima has developed an Active Summer Camp for adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities, based on the Conductive Education method. The camp enables its participants to spend a full week together, away from home and practice their independence skills while having fun. Every year, the camp accommodates some 40 participants between 12-30 years of age from all over Israel.

Tsad Kadima’s active summer camp brings together participants from many of our various programs as well as participants who, due to their distant place of residence, are unable to benefit from our Conductive Education programs all year round. For many, if not all of them, the summer camp is the highlight of their year and their only opportunity to get up from their wheelchair and practice basic motor skills with the support of professionals.

Most adolescents with physical disabilities experience social isolation as well as idleness and inactivity. Due to their movement or motor disability, which requires special means of transportation, their family is unable to provide them with suitable activities.

The five-day summer camp takes place in August during the summer vacation in an accessible location that allows the participants to practice their motor skills, enjoy experiential activities, outdoor trips, and more. The summer camp includes full board for the participants, including special transportation to and from the location of the camp.

The summer camp allows an opportunity for the necessary rest and respite period for the participants as well as for their parents and other family members.

Participants of the summer camp pay a subsidized participation fee of some 25% of its actual cost (per participant). Participants who are entitled to welfare benefits can utilize them for this purpose. Tsad Kadima invests great efforts in recruiting supplemental funding in order to subsidize the remaining 75% of the cost of the summer camp, as well as volunteers to assist the professional personnel and reduce the overall cost of the activity.