The educational-rehabilitative elementary and junior-high school in Rishon LeZion was built in 2002, adjacent to Tsad Kadima’s early childhood center, as a joint venture between Tsad Kadima, parents, the Ministry of Education and the Rishon LeZion Municipality. The school is adjacent to the Eshkolot inclusive school and is one of the only Conductive Education based schools in the world.

There are six classes in the school, spanning first through ninth grade for children aged 6-16. The school was built with the intention of expanding and allowing the children to complete their high-school education at the age of 21. There are various inclusion programs in the school, which allow the children to integrate and experience a regular school day as well as enrichment activities with their peers. They are also encouraged to take part in local youth movement activities and participate in informal educational and leisure-time activities in the community.

Additionally, the school has an active Bocce team. Bocce is a unique and popular sport that is suitable for people with severe physical disabilities. Playing Bocce offers our participants an opportunity to socialize, improve their motor abilities, and gain a sense of capability.

The center has a large playground, shared with Eshkolot and a therapeutic swimming pool where the children receive hydrotherapy.