In 2013, Tsad Kadima established its Day Center for adults with severe physical disabilities and cerebral palsy and who are recognized by the Israeli National Insurance Fund as 100% disabled.

The Adult Day Center is part of Tsad Kadima’s vision to support people with cerebral palsy throughout their lives, from infancy to adulthood, as well as to remedy the lack of services and solutions offered to adults with severe disabilities in general and adults with cerebral palsy in particular.

People with disabilities complete their special education studies at the age of 21. However, they are unable to integrate into academic studies or sheltered employment due to their disability and thus require a daily framework.

Tsad Kadima’s Day Center is groundbreaking and unique in Israel due to its professional work and general approach, which is based on the Conductive Education approach. The participants of the Center are full partners in operating and choosing the various activities and programs offered during the week (such as leisure, adapted academics, sports and more).

The Day Center is supervised and financed (by some 80%) by the Ministry of Welfare. This funding includes current expenses of the Day Center as well as basic leisure activities, such as arts and crafts and internet classes. Tsad Kadima is required to supplement this funding with private support for the general operating costs as well as for equipment and specially developed programs.

Special Programs:

  • Homebrewing Workshop: Tsad Kadima’s homebrewing beer workshop is a unique program that allows an active participation throughout the different stages, both theoretical and practical – from the first stage of planning, to production and possibly even marketing. The program allows new experiences as well as preparation for employment. Read more…
  • Higher Education for Adults who are 100% Disabled: The program is a joint educational initiative of Tsad Kadima and The David Yellin Academic College of Education and is specifically designed for adults with physical and cognitive disabilities. The participants of the Center integrate into an academic studies program, which spreads over 2 semesters, and takes place on campus. Each Semester focuses on a different subject. This initiative introduces our members to academia and student life and opens new opportunities for them.
  • “Rolling in Jerusalem”: as part of the joint educational initiative between Tsad Kadima and The David Yellin Academic College of Education, “Rolling in Jerusalem” is a semestrial course and is part of the College’s Special Education. The course studies the sites of Jerusalem, including their accessibility from the point of view of the students themselves, and carries out field trips to explore the sites studied.
  • Bocce at Tsad Kadima’s Adult Day Center: Bocce is a unique and popular sport that is suitable for people with severe physical disabilities. The Center runs an active Bocce Team comprised of 15 players that train on a weekly basis and participate in national tournaments. The team even won 2nd place in such a tournament. Playing Bocce offers our participants an opportunity to socialize, improve their motor abilities, and gain a sense of capability.Tsad Kadima’s Adult Day Center is the only adult center in the country to implement a unique and pioneering model, which is based on the Conductive Education approach that places great emphasis on the personal choice and development of individual goals of each member of the Day Center.