Frequently Asked Questions

Hike for Hope is appropriate for hikers of all levels. However to enjoy all of the routes planned, you should be prepared to encounter stretches of steep ascents and descents. You should be in good physical condition, able and willing to make an extended physical effort, and eager to enjoy the satisfaction of a challenge accomplished. In the most challenging stretches, a bypass or alternative route will be offered to those preferring that option.

This year we will include a special Family Route for slower hikers of all ages in addition to the usual challenging routes.

To prepare for the Hike For Hike, we recommend going on long walks with inclines, or using a health club’s Stairmaster, elliptical walker, or regular walker. And join us for our “Practice Hikes” which are taking place in the months before the Hike for Hope. Contact Asher Arbit ( )  for more information.

Sponsored hikes are a great way to help important causes like Tsad Kadima and to personally connect with the Land of Israel. It is a fantastic opportunity to hike through some of the most beautiful scenery in Israel, meet and bond with wonderful people from all walks of life, meet the incredible children and staff of Tsad Kadima, and have fun while supporting a great organization and its activities.

Tsad Kadima is a parent based non-profit organization operating rehabilitative programs for hundreds of children in centers and programs over the length of the country. Our programs include nurseries, kindergarten classes, school classes, mainstreaming programs to regular schools, summer camps, preparatory apartments for independent living and a day care center for adults. Tsad Kadima accompanies the child with cerebral palsy and his family form early childhood to adult integration into the community.

This year the hike is dedicated to support  a ” managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle” program in Tsad Kadimas Day Center for Adults  in Jerusalem. 40 adults with cerebral palsy come here every day to paint, learn on computers, and other occupations – but as with all Tsad Kadima programs – primarily to learn to be independent and integrate into the greater community.

About 75% of operating costs are covered by government funds. But the remainder must be raised through fundraising efforts like this Hike For Hope.

Registration fee is 600 NIS (early registration 500 NIS Until 13/1/2023). The registration fee covers all costs of the 2 day hike.

In addition, the first hiker in a family is required to raise at least 2500 NIS in pledges or cash donations to Tsad Kadima by the hike starting date. For couples the required fundraising is 4000 NIS together. Another 1,000 NIS required together for any additional children from the same family (Maximum 2,000 NIS for all the family children). If you raise less than these requirements, you will need to pay the difference in order to hike. For example, a couple attending will need to pay 2 x 600 NIS registration fees and raise 4000 NIS for Tsad Kadima. If they raise only 3,000 NIS, the difference of 1000 NIS will be paid by the hikers in addition to the registration fees.

Veteran hikers who bring a new hiker this year will receive a 50% discount on their fundraising obligation (minimum of 1,000 NIS). We encourage you to bring new hikers and get this discount!

We encourage you to aim for a voluntary fundraising goal of 3,600 NIS. The more we raise, the more children with disabilities will benefit from the award winning rehabilitative program of Tsad Kadima. For hikers coming from outside Israel, this is your minimum fundraising goal.

The Registration Fee covers all costs including food, transportation, lodging, snacks, etc. during the hike. This year we will be camping. Rooms at nearby setlements will be available for an extra charge. Each participant is responsible for covering their own transportation costs to the campground. Assistance in arranging rides and/or public transportation will be happily provided. For assistance in arranging transportation please call the office at: 02-6540062, or email:

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Our experience shows that your friends, relatives, and colleagues will be moved by your willingness to participate in this physically challenging activity to benefit physically handicapped young people in Israel.

We have prepared personal online fundraising campaign  that you can use to request contributions. We will open a personal page for you . Personal follow-up with a phone call or email is crucial to maximizing success. You can also direct your friends to this website, which includes a secured donation page for online contributions.

We have prepared a Sample Letter that you can use to request contributions. Personal follow-up with a phone call or email is crucial to maximizing success.

All donations to Tsad Kadima, and registration Fees, are tax deductible in Israel, the U.S., and the U.K.


Hikes are ideal family activities and children 12 and over make great hikers. Younger children may participate at the judgment of parents as to suitability. Children under 15 will require the personal supervision of a participating adult.

This year we will include a special Family Route for slower hikers of all ages in addition to the usual challenging routes

Raising funds for a charitable cause is a wonderful educational and life experience for children and young adults.

Accommodations will be at “Village on the Cliff” ( in Givat Yoav

in a heated and air conditioned communal tents or individual tent camping and plenty of toilets and hot showers. For those who wish the comfort of a bed, rooms will be available in nearby settlements for an additional charge. Mattresses will be provided free of charge.

 All meals and snacks before and during the hike are kosher with halachic supervision and will be provided on site. We always add some special treats to make hiking that much more enjoyable. We will finish with a final banquet – a festive finish for a job well done!

You need a small day backpack, hat, water containers for at least 4 liters, sunglasses, flashlight, soap/toothbrush/toothpaste, small towel, personal medications, suntan lotion, camera, walking/hiking shoes, shoes to change into, cotton or wool socks, WARM clothing for evenings, sweater/sweatshirt; layered clothing for the hike from short sleeves to long sleeves, rain jacket or poncho; any games or books you might like for the evenings.

Those camping will need to bring their own tents, mattresses, sleeping bags etc.

Hiking boots are a great investment and highly recommended for the Hike for Hope. Be sure to get professional fitting at outdoor equipment stores and wear your new shoes for several days before the hike to “break them in”. Do not bring worn shoes showing signs of distress – they WILL fall apart when intensively used on a hike like this!

We also recommend considering bringing hiking poles to ease stress on knees and help with stability.

Your personal items will be under supervision during the day at the campground. You will only need to carry your water and snacks, camera, etc. during the hike.

Every Hike participant must sign the registration form in which you agree that participation in the hike is the responsibility of the individual hiker alone. This includes the possibility of personal injury, as unlikely as it may be. For hikers coming from abroad, medical insurance is imperative for your stay in Israel. Israelis are covered by their local health fund.

Tsad Kadima has taken out additional coverage for all hikers which will provide a lump payment of 300,000 NIS in the event of death or disability.

We will have a medic hiking with us at all times, and have made contingencies for emergency situations that may arise

Hikers are expected to make their own way to the campground by car or bus. As the hike date approaches, we will assist participants in any technical arrangements to get to and from the hike.

Participants will meet at the campground on: Tuesday evening March 21, 2023 the evening before the actual hike on March 22nd. The hike will end on Thursday March 23rd.

2022’s hike was phenomenal! If you’d like to speak with a participant last year just let us know.

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