Hike for Hope with Tsad Kadima

Treat yourself, your friends and your family to an unforgettable two days of hiking in the area of the Central Galilee in the glory of spring and raise money for children with cerebral palsy who cannot walk.

Tuesday- Thursday, March 26-28, 2019

Hiking to Make a Difference

Hike for Hope is a unique project that began in 2004. The hike supports Tsad Kadima, an award winning organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. There are over 300 kids, young adults and adults in regular daily programs throughout Israel, and the numbers continue to grow. You can find young people with cerebral palsy from Tsad Kadima who attend regular schools as well as universities, independent living apartments, and even in the Israeli army. Each year a different route is chosen, this year we will be hiking in the beautiful Central Galilee over 2 days.

Hike 2019


Tuesday-Thursday, March 26-28, 2019

Accommodations this year will be at Michmanim near Carmiel in fully heated/AC communal tents or individual tent camping. Rooms are available for an additional charge. Each participant is responsible for arranging transportation to the campground. Assistance in arranging rides and/or public transportation will be happily provided. As always, we will conclude the hike with a festive BBQ.

Registration fee: 

Early registration is 500 NIS for 2 days (by December 31, 2018), after which the cost is 600 NIS. The registration fee covers all costs including food, transportation, lodging, snacks, etc. during the hike. It is possible to register for fewer days (For full price table click here).

In addition

The first hiker in a family is required to raise at least 2,500 NIS in pledges or cash donations to Tsad Kadima by the hike starting date. Couples are required to raise 4,000 NIS. Another 1,000 NIS is required for any additional children from the same family. In order to try to widen the circle of hikers, veteran hikers who bring one more hiker will get a 50% discount on their fundraising obligation and it will stand on a minimum of 1,250 NIS.

If you raise less than these requirements, you will need to pay the difference in order to join the Hike for Hope.

This year the hike is dedicated to support an important new program dedicated to managing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the participants in in Tsad Kadima’s Day Center for Adults in Jerusalem. Some 40 adults with cerebral palsy come here every day to paint, learn on computers, and other occupations – but as with all Tsad Kadima programs – primarily to learn to be independent and integrate into the greater community.

For further details please contact Tsad Kadima, tel: 02-6540062, email: events@tsadkadima.org.il